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Top Three Ways To Learning Spanish

The three best ways for learning to speak Spanish fast and reliably are:

  • Using English to study Spanish,
  • Reviewing newly acquired Spanish skill
  • Using mental rehearsal

Read on as I discuss all these methods to learn in Spanish below.

Using English to learn Spanish draws on the latest research into linguistics regarding how adults acquire foreign languages. When one is about twelve or thirteen years old, the brain changes and one is not ‘hard-wired’ any longer to learn as children are. This seems, by the way, to be one of the reasons why it is more difficult for adults than for kids to absorb a new language without an accent. Most probably you have read an article online claiming that the best way for Spanish learning (and learning any new language for that matter) is to immerse oneself in a place where everything is totally in Spanish so you’re essentially immersed in the Spanish culture, you have unending Spanish words to read wherever and whenever you turn, and you have countless native Spanish speakers to listen to and hold Spanish conversations with. However, chances are dear reader that you are past the age that this principle holds for beginners.

Suggestions to learn how to speak spanish at your home.

One advantage of learning to speak Spanish when you’re already a proficient in English is that you’re able to draw on your English vocabulary as well as that you’re able to draw comparisons on the construction of the English language. This point is very true for English speakers in all Spanish speaking countries yearning to learn Spanish words. Often, when you do not know the precise word you want to use, you can just say that, “In English it is …” and then say the word. The Spanish speaking person will often recognize the Spanish word.


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Reviewing newly acquired Spanish skills

When learning a new thing, it usually takes some degree of repetition in order to be acquainted with it. Having this in mind, some of the best Spanish learning programs or courses will have lots of repetition built into every lesson.

Subsequent lessons are also made in a manner that uses what was learned previously. Reviewing the skills that you have learnt, particularly the same day they are acquired, will go a long way to moving the material learn from short term memory to the long term memory. The Later review is still very necessary.

Using mental rehearsal

Here i give you nice video, it will also help you learning spanish:

Using mental rehearsal is a method that builds on reviewing the newly acquired skills, but it is more than that. Mental rehearsal requires that you practice in the mind. This can be done when sitting quietly and you can also do it on many occasions during the day, for instance, when you’re waiting or when doing things such as cooking, which may not require lots of attention.  Mental rehearsal or visualization can also be done by having an imaginary conversation – with both parts – where for example you are buying some fruits in the market, and you ask what the cost is. This way, you’ll get comfortable using Spanish numbers in conversation much faster.

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