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How to Use Subject Pronouns in Spanish

Subject pronouns in Spanish language are generally only used if they are completely necessary. Because in the Spanish language there are many forms of verbs that are changed for different tenses and situations, subject pronouns are often not required.  A lot of English speakers that are trying to learn how to speak Spanish. Will often use Spanish subject pronouns too much by mistake as it is common for these pronouns to be used liberally when speaking English.

To show where subject pronouns are not necessary, the following few sentences give some examples. “I am going to the supermarket” becomes a much simpler sentence “voy al supermercado” as the word “I” is not needed as it is assumed that the speaker is talking about themselves. “It is snowing” is simply “nivea” which is a form of the Spanish verb for snow that alludes to the fact that the snow is happening.  “Where are you going?” is converted to the shorter “adonde vas?” as the verb vas already refers to the person who is being spoken to.

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One of the trickiest Spanish verbs to become familiar with using properly is the word ser.  Here are a few tips on subject pronouns and ser in Spanish. Ser means “to be” and can be conjugated in many different ways making it a hard one to master There are many different forms of the verb ser, some of these include; yo soy – I am, tueres – you are (informal), ustedes – you are (formal) and nosotrossomos – we are and these rae just examples of using conjugations of the word ser in the present tense. There are many other forms for different tenses. Knowing whether or not to use a subject pronoun in a sentence using the word ser, depends on the conjugation of the verb being used, which is dependent on tense and other factors. To begin learning about how to use the verb ser properly, the best way to start is to learn all of the conjugations and what they apply to. You will then be able to select or omit subject pronouns from sentences containing the word ser. To find the many different meanings and uses of the word ser, try a Spanish verb conjugation table.


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To avoid over use of subject pronouns is speaking Spanish, there are a range of Spanish subject pronoun games available online and these are a great way to teach Spanish subject pronouns. Games are when it comes to how to learn Spanish as they are fun and engaging and also often repetitive which helps the concepts to really sink in. Spanish flash cards are also a good tool to use.

If you are think about learning Spanish online ensure that there are Spanish subject pronoun lesson plans included in the course as this is a hard part of the Spanish language to master. If you are already studying Spanish and this is not one of the things included in your course, try to find some additional resources that will help you to master this difficult aspect of the Spanish language.


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