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Personality adjectives what you need to know

Personality have everybody, and if you want to know how say personality in Spanish please read this post. Personality  makes us different from other peoples – so start learning below verbs today 😉 More verbs to learn you will find here.

English Spanish
ambitious ambicioso
annoying pesado
argumentative, quarrelsome discutidor
bad-tempered malhumorado
big-headed creído, engreído
bitchy de mala leche, venenoso;
brave valiente
cantankerous cascarrabias
carefree despreocupado
careless descuidado, poco cuidadoso
cautious prudente, cauteloso, cauto;
conceited, full of oneself presumido
conservative conservador
conventional convencional
cowardly cobarde
crazy, nuts loco, chiflado
cruel cruel
charming encantador
cheerful alegre, jovial;
dull, boring soso, aburrido
flirtatious coqueta
friendly amigable, simpático, agradable
generous generoso
hard-working trabajador
honest honesto
kind amable
laid-back tranquilo, relajado
lazy perezoso, vago
loyal fiel
mean tacaño
modest modesto
moody de humor cambiante
naive ingenuo, inocentón
naughty (children) malo, travieso (niños)
de actitud abierta, sin prejuicios
de mentalidad cerrada, intolerante;
polite cortés, educado
proud orgulloso
reliable: he’s a very reliable person fiable, confiable: es una persona en la que se puede confiar
self-confident: to be self-confident seguro de sí mismo: tener confianza en sí mismo
selfish egoísta
sensible sensato, prudente;
sensitive sensible
shy – introverted tímido, vergonzoso – introvertido
strict estricto, severo, riguroso
stubborn terco, testarudo, tozudo
sympathetic (understanding) comprensivo
talkative conversador, hablador
trustworthy digno de confianza
two-faced falso
weird raro, extraño




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    Thank you for this great article. I learning Spanish long time. I was looking really long for article about personality adjectives.

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